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servers down?

HeroHero Member Posts: 15
cant play the game are the servers down or something?


  • FishbotFishbot MarsMember Posts: 232
    i cant play either, it is probably because times is being made public again, or android is being worked on and the servers are unstable
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Member Posts: 731
    edited August 2018
    Same rip but a few players can get on the game hold up nvm everyone been Kk Jed out
  • FishbotFishbot MarsMember Posts: 232
    what i find dumb is that i just found out that when you try to play, it has a message for the networking errors, and there is a whole bank of different messages.

    its basically a bunch of things it says so it can taunt you.
  • MultarixMultarix Over a rainbow with kittens and ponies dancing around a fire built upon the corpses of their enemiesMember Posts: 3,116
    Orrrr it's perhaps error messages that it's giving you because it's encountering different issues which you might want to remember.

    I highly doubt it's "Error can't connect:
    Haha do your homework while you wait"
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