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Help! Lost Protector! Willing to Pay Crystals!

ClaireRuneClaireRune Posts: 1Member
edited September 2018 in Applicants Post Here
Hello! I'm a veteran player that has been playing Deepworld for 2-3 years, and I left the game back in 2016. I decided to play the game again after a friend of mine played it as well, so we decided to play together. However, I lost my Protector somewhere in a world.

I don't remember what type, but it was either a Mega or Large Protector somewhere in the sky. The protector should be located within a house with Marble or Quartz Blocks in the sky with tons of turrets surrounding it. There is also a slim possibility a plaque in the sky is under my Deepworld user: @ClaireRune

Even if you think my protector is within a marble house in the sky, please inform me in this thread. :)

I'm willing to pay 8 blue crystals and 1 purple crystal to whoever can find my Protector. Would much appreciate those who find it!
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