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Beautiful Creatures for your Deepworld Forums profile picture. Completely Free!

FishbotFishbot MarsMember Posts: 232
edited September 2018 in General
I like to create magic objects and items, but for a limited time, I will create living creatures for your profile picture by using magic.

> There is no catch, it is completely free!
> Provide me a picture of a living object and I will surprise you!
> I am not liable for any accidents, so if your pet ends up with alien-like features, that is your own problem.
> I also do not use humans. So keep that in mind.
> Robots are also welcome!

I forgot to mention that organic objects like fruit and plants are also allowed to be used!


  • FlynnXDFlynnXD Member Posts: 1,230
    edited September 2018
    Here's a Larkspur plant :D image
    318 x 463 - 35K
  • FishbotFishbot MarsMember Posts: 232
    FlynnXD said:

    Here's a Larkspur plant :D image

    that is an interesting one, but ill see what i can do!
  • FishbotFishbot MarsMember Posts: 232
    @ FlynnXD iv'e turned that plant into a carnivorous sea kelp with eyes.
    sea kelp.jpg
    318 x 463 - 49K
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