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Dowsing rod or building claw

hugegnomehugegnome Member Posts: 286
edited September 29 in General
I have some extra crowns and am considering these 2 items. Do you notice many more rich platinum or dia veins with the dowsing rod? And for those with the claw, does it make a big difference if you have max building? Which do you think is the most helpful? Thanks


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSMember Posts: 2,698
    Well, the dowsing rod is for standard ores, and it gives the “rich vein” thing (where you get a few more of that ore (I think)) more often, so I would say get the building claw. The rod probably won’t work on rare ores.
  • IvoryIvory r/Deepworld ModeratorMember Posts: 92
    The dowsing rod is pretty OP, and has helped me accrue tens of thousands of metal blocks in the course of a couple weeks.

    On the other hand, the claw is pretty helpful, but the benefits you really want from it can't be used while on a mobile device since the screen zoomout is not nearly as expansive as the PC/Mac edition, so you can't place items nearly as far as you could on a desktop.
  • ArcanGraveArcanGrave ArcanGroveMember Posts: 274
    edited October 1
    I just bought construction claw, I love it!
  • hugegnomehugegnome Member Posts: 286
    Thanks I guess I’m gonna need some more crowns for both!
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