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New Possibly Competition.

Basilisk1Basilisk1 HuffleEndoPosts: 3Member
I would like to know if me, Arcane, detech and possibly racerdog build another big comp for player to enjoy. Race City is a good part of a comp for people to enjoy. I would like to say is if you will pick us a theme to make a comp for people to play. This comp and Race city can be on separate day for people to play 2 time as a fun for dw. I got a idea of comp from detech and he is participate and arcane helping out with me to build this big comp, if you allow us. . This final meaning mean: will you allow us to build a comp, and also we you help us with a theme so we all team builder can make a plan and make a big comp. Hope you let our team builder make. Give us a response of your opinion what should it be, and will you agree to let us build one?
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