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Does the “Move” directive not work for the Butler Bot?

Slava_RossiyaSlava_Rossiya Posts: 63Member
So I have two onyx butlerbots, and I really want to move an item of which I don’t want destroyed. Initially, I had one butlerbot, but thanks to a friend, he generously allowed me to borrow his just for a bit. Why’d I borrow it? ‘Cause a pop-up showed saying I did not have enough onyx butlerbots to complete the directive. Still yet, having 2 butlerbots did not work. At all. So what I did was head to the guide and tapped on the “Butlerbot HQ” tab and found that the “Move” directive doesn’t exist... @mikelaurence , please look into this.


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,808Member
    I think the move directive is where you can command the butler to move somewhere and stay there. It’s come in handy a lot for screenshots ;)
  • AquaPhynnAquaPhynn Posts: 2,195Member, Arbiter
    IronManArcher is correct, it just moves the Butler bot around.
    If you want it anyway, go to a world called the factory.
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