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Brain Station - A Deepworld Fanmade Game

JusticeGamingJusticeGaming Doing cool programming thingsPosts: 1,021Member

Brain Station (Release build coming soon)



Brain Station is a game that takes place within the space biome. Your objective is to blow up waves of brains with your space station before they get out of hand and invade the entire place.

I got a newer idea I'd like to turn this game into since I have already built countless games exactly like the original concept and I want something newer feeling. (The original thread can be found here:

The new idea is: there will be a building system to construct your ideal space station. With it you will defend against brains and construct a huge fortress of floating death. It will be a sort of - survival tycoon tower defense - if you will.

I plan on using the latest and greatest version of the Zero Engine to achieve this as well as open sourcing the entire game later on GitHub to see if anyone else would like to join the fray and take on working on this project. I plan to start full development in the coming days to see what looks right or wrong or undo-able.

I have free time on weekends, but otherwise I'm out of the house from 4am to 9pm doing programming related stuff that I swore my legal rights away to to keep secret haha! This means development will be slow, but that should be fine as the undertaking of this project shouldn't take too much to do.

High concept:

I want to create a build system where you pay shillings for blocks/turrets/androids/other stuff and then build your station with the components to then enter a survival mode against waves of brains. The idea is each brain killed will give shillings, each wave gets harder and each wave before the next starts you can build additions to your space station. On top of this I may add a station movement system where you may craft engines to move your station around and the more parts you have on the station the slower it is and if the brains destroy your power core the station will explode and it will be game over. The idea is if you want to be that guy who zooms around the arena or sits there with a huge monster loaded with cannons that can't move it will be up to you.


I will be deploying a Windows build soon once I get some network stuff done related to the update notification system and get a make shift build system concept working, I plan to make this game a fun little fan made arcade like game to see how things go.

Feedback is highly appreciated, tell me what you think, is the new concept more ideal, do you look forward to it, do you even have a desktop to play it?

Brain Station - A Deepworld Fanmade Game 10 votes

Looking forward to it!
vmh20ArcanGraveIronManArchermofc1991_Brainstorm_mrjacket 6 votes
I liked the old concept better...
I don't have a Windows device...
AquaPhynnTealHyenaChickengazzz 4 votes
Other(Specify below)


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,879Member
    Looking forward to it!
    I was thinking of doing something like this in Mister Market, but instead of space stations, it would be... heh, I’m not spoiling it!
  • _Brainstorm__Brainstorm_ Nowhere and EverywherePosts: 4,058Member
    Looking forward to it!
    Yeah, I’m looking forward to trying it

    Good luck, Justice!
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