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Glitched Dungeon

NyantasticNyantastic The most United of KingdomsMember Posts: 15
Around 2-3 years ago I purchased a small Hell world, And I lost interest in the game due to the Expiator dungeon being bugged. The dungeon was half off the side of the world, Rendering it impossible to complete. Now this is a bummer because that means I can’t do anything about the infernal protectors dotted around the world. I recently came back after those 2-3 and was faced again with this.

Now, Is there anything I can do about such an issue? I don’t think I should contact anyone higher up for such a trivial issue, But it’s quite annoying. I also didn’t want to have to sift through the click bait and wall glitches on YouTube to see if there was some way to get into the dungeon, Because they are likely to be patched or just a load of rubbish.

What can I do?
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