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Idea: Gem Stones Pt. 1

Burr1toPL4YBurr1toPL4Y Posts: 108Member
These items could be used as currency, decorations, or craftable items. They can only be found in a jungle biome. They're as rare as crystals, the color depends on its rarity. Some of the stones when crafted can be used as healing factors, rage, invisibility, or protection. In other words accessories.
1. Healing can last for 5 seconds and then wait 1 minute til you can do it again.
2. Rage lasts for 15 seconds which causes your critical hit damage by 50% and gun damage 20% against people and 10% against mobs. Then wait 5 mins to use it again.
3. Invisibility use it for 25 seconds and wait 6 minutes
4. Protection against players/mobs 15 seconds and wait 4 minutes
What do you guys think of this Idea? And PLEEEASE constructive critism.


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