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Quest World-Minigames, and More...

Xavier789Xavier789 North Sentinel IslandPosts: 168Member
edited November 2018 in Come and Visit...
Ive been making a world for about a month now that consists of games, rewards, PVP, (Possibly Trading), and more. It currently has 12 places you can go to. (soon 13)

Workshop-Has nearly every blueprint and is open to the public so you dont have to get the blueprints yourself.
(Missing 3 Looms,Onyx Knife and Glove BP)

Fashion Show-Self Explanatory. Receive a set reward along with Tokens, and is hosted by moderators or myself.

Extreme Pandora is a insanely hard and laggy Pandora that has a onyx as a reward is hosted not very often.

Donator's Hall-Self explanatory, has donator's names, and what they have donated.

Basic Pandora-Is just a simple pandora room that can either have a bomb suppressor or not depending on votes of players.
Has a set reward along with Tokens. Hosted by me or moderators.

Specialty Room-Is only open to friends and donators.
I'l give you the code if i know you.

PVP Arena-Is Self Explanatory, and sometimes host games there resulting in rewards and Tokens.

Minigames-Self Explanatory, Has minigames such as Spleef, PVP, Races, Puzzles, Escape rooms,etc.
Comes with a reward and Tokens.

Bank-Contains all of the player and world info on Tokens (Virtual Currency of the World).
There is a total value, which is given out to players which can be used for rewards or the Monthly Token Contest.
You lose 5k every day your inactive on Deepworld, until you reach 0 and your name is removed.
0-50k tokens are added to the total value.
In the Monthly Token Contest, players race to have the highest percentage of the total value, and the highest player can receive up to 10 onyx or a high value item. But if the bank has 50% or more then nobody receives the prize.

Constructive Exploration-Is not yet added during the writing of this discussion, but will be a exploration part of the world, which other players can use to get ideas and fuel there own builds.

Guild Hall-Self Explanatory , Guild Hall of Amazon Knights, which contains a list of all the moderators and members.
Theres also a discord for this guild, but you don't need to be in the guild to be on the server.
Find me in-game if you want to join.

Item Values/Rewards-Contains Item values on every item and often updated and rewards which can be redeemed for tokens.
Rewards can be up to 20 onyx worth if i find anything rare.
If you see anything off in Item Values, then you could find me in-game or Discord.

It'd be nice if you could visit, also donations for rewards would be nice to.
And if anybody has any suggestions to what i should add to my world, please give me them.
Also if anybody has a Market Convertor, Onyx Mass Teleporter, or Onyx Mass Spawner, id buy them.


  • ArcanGraveArcanGrave ArcanGrovePosts: 285Member
    awesome, Archi. Hope this world will run in success! I can try to help out and see what I can do (:
  • Xavier789Xavier789 North Sentinel IslandPosts: 168Member
    Item Values takes like 2 weeks to build by itself for me, smh....
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