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Need Info about blueprints, please

DianeDiane Posts: 378Member
What are all the blueprints currently put into game?

I know glove, knife, boot, scope, are there others?

And what do you need to do to make items with them?

I am confused how it all works and would appreciate if anyone could explain it or if there is a discussion about it, please point me there?

Thank you!


  • YeongyulYeongyul i really, really like milkPosts: 756Member
    There’s a bunch of other blueprints in the game, but I can’t think of any. I’m pretty sure in order to use the blueprints you have to stand next to crafting machines.
  • Xavier789Xavier789 North Sentinel IslandPosts: 168Member
    More are coming soon, just be patient, you can check for blueprints.
    Looks like theres lots coming soon.
    And to use them, get the required crafting machines you want and hook them up to a steam pipe thats connected to a collector on a steam vent, and they have to be within 10 block radius of you.
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  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Quick look through update threads shows the following blueprints also released:

    brass-onyx protector blueprints (to make micro-mega? giga? protectors)
    brass spawner bpt (to make small spawner)
    brass-onyx clock bpts (to make stopwatch, pocketwatch, & onyx pocketwatch)

    Additional info:

    Machines (which I believe are craftable):

    Power Magnet

    Not sure which machines go with which blueprints though, or if all blueprints require machines

    I think other items besides blueprints are required to craft stuff, and your chances of crafting successfully are affected by your Science skill & Engineering skill levels (more info here:

    Hope this helps, and I hope it's accurate -- I haven't played with blueprints/science skill stuff yet myself, so this is just from looking over the update discussions.
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