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I'd Like My Forum Account And All Of It's Content Deleted AS Soon As Possible, Please.

EgbertEgbert Posts: 3Member
I asked 4 months ago and still seem to exist. Please delete my forum account.

@Sirentist @mikelaurence @lisa


  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,085Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    I can't fully delete your forum account. All I can do is ban it and delete all associated content. I'm happy to do that if you want. I looked over the forum and don't see where you requested deletion four months ago. All I see is your discussion about coming back and wanting a second chance. (

    You have no other comments or discussions, so I'm not sure where you made your request. If banning and content deletion is satisfactory, let me know and I'll take care of it.
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