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What's the daily numbers of players on Deepworld (Also my discord if anyone wants to reach out)

_N_S_F_W__N_S_F_W_ Member Posts: 1
edited December 1 in Questions
It was late, but I didn't see many people on, does anyone have a graph of some sorts to show the constant drop (or rise) of players?
Also my ingame name is Crit.
I knew a few people ingame, and I can't remember em' all. One in particular is Ellie... (with three dots, not 0.)
If anyone knew me ingame here's my discord:
@Mr. Communist Supporter#0219
My steam is Luglige if you wanna reach out that way, just comment on my profile before hand.
I've been known as many titles (one being _N_S_F_W_ and Chronic. off the back of my head.)



  • Burr1toPL4YBurr1toPL4Y Member Posts: 92
    Well when I've been logging on the amount I've usually seen was 25, there was alot more the other day. Pretty much about 40-45
  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaMember Posts: 1,797
    edited December 13
    I very often see new players in London, Orkney and Dungeness. There are new players who join and go through the deepworld quests every day. I often join worlds and see 10+ people with names I do not recognize.

    There are alot more people who play than we think. If a person plays an hour on avarage, there must be at least 240 people a day in the game for us to see 8-12 people in the game. That being said, I often see 15-60 people in different worlds when I join during different time of day. I would guess that including new players, casual players and core players, there are 500+ players who join each day.

    P.S. that kind of graph is for developers. I don't think this kind of information is good to share with players.
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