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Custom Neon Signs?

The idea is these signs will glow. (Ooooh really) Yes. In order for these signs to glow, they'll be made out of crystals and signs. The color of the crystal, used to craft the sign, will be the color of the text. That's where the "custom" part comes from, you get to choose what color, IF you have that crystal for that color. The signs will be 2 blocks high and 3 blocks wide. If you want the text to flicker on and off by its own. Then you'll need pipes connected to steam streams, connected to the sign for it to work. The rainbow crystal sign, in my opinion would have the most attention and beauty to it, due to its multiple colored eye candy appearance. What do you guys think? Is this idea good? Bad? Please constructive criticism.
Other than that, have a nice day!


  • ZhaykZhayk Arctic Blitz, DeepworldPosts: 420Member
    I like the idea, however I disagree with the fact that it should be connected to steam lines underground. I feel if that was necessary, no one would want to use it because it’s a HUGE hassle not only finding a steam line, but hooking it all up with pipes.
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