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Selling Modded Accounts

Selling modded developer accounts

On these accounts, you will have the ability of an developer account, which includes:
1.Developer commands (I will give commands a list of commands)
2. Unlimited items
3. Mine in any world/protector
4. Teleportation in any world
5. Many other things that will be fun to use

You can not see other players passwords/account information

If you abuse the account it will be banned, so be smart how you use it.

If the method I use gets patched I will make a new one.

I cannot make your main account have dev abilities unless I can get your password(Rather just make a new account and give you email and pass or you can make one for me)

If your account gets banned I will make you a new one for half price

All items generated will stay in the game aslong it is TRADED with your main account.

To do this I charge 10 onyx or something of equivalent value. Please direct message me for further information. If you have questions please direct massage also, Thanks for your time.

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