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That's the Tea

sleepyCreepersleepyCreeper Fairy Tail, Magnolia.Posts: 746Member
Does Tea have a use yet? i've been with game 5 years now and im curious!
(revisited deepworld after a looooooong time)


  • LexiLexi EastPosts: 269Member
    Nope not yet, it's still my got to item to select if I want to appear to be holding nothing though :)
  • derpdeederpdee Dark side of the moon.Posts: 1,213Member
    it does, only if you like to collect it. ha
  • ZhaykZhayk Arctic Blitz, DeepworldPosts: 420Member
    This goes right along with skeleton key, world key, sprocket, and widget. @mikelaurence please give these items some sort of use. They’re just sitting in my inv collecting dust.
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