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A request to Mike Laurence

PatrickRPatrickR Posts: 138Member
Hello @mikelaurence , it has come to my attention that a player named Mihir has not received their deserved reward for the hard fought first place for the bunker competition of 2018 November, you officially sponsored this competition and promised to deliver a brassthrone to the winner of 1st place. So far in almost 3 months this has not occurred. I kindly request you take the time to award the brass throne to the rightful victor. I care about fellow members of NOBS, even more if they’re good friends. I wish you a nice day and best wishes.

(I would’ve sent this as a private message, but it seems like I can’t put pictures in so I hope you don’t mind)
750 x 1144 - 306K
750 x 386 - 145K


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