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What has happened to the daily challenges?

Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsPosts: 483Member
It’s the 4th day without a daily challenge, what’s going on?
I imagine the daily’s would be computer generated, so what’s going on? Also the mining challenges have been discontinued for some reason. I enjoy these and hope they don’t end.


  • Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsPosts: 483Member
    It’s now been 5 days without a daily challenge. I need them to feel superior to other players. Please continue them @mikelaurence , my self esteem is taking a real hit.
  • Bastian7Bastian7 Between WorldsPosts: 483Member
    All the challenges are not being run anymore. Random daily loot everyday. I guess we are hitting another dormant faze. Back to mining in my private world.
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    He often perks up on the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed!
  • SimplinSimplin Posts: 79Member

    Challenges are back!

  • SimplinSimplin Posts: 79Member

    Yes, diamonds count as ore! Go get yourself some.

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