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Daily News

AMWhyAMWhy 1,280Member, Arbiter
NOW OPEN! Come and visit DAILY NEWS

Daily News is a new world with a spawn made up of player signs. Over the past week I have been inviting the most active players I can find online to add their own sign to spawn. Now that the world is open, those players can change their own sign as they wish.

This is Deepworlds first NEWS World!

Signs might show:

What a player wants to buy.
What a player has to sell.
What rare item a player found.
Guild advertisements.
Messages to fellow players.
What is the daily loot.
What is the daily challenge.
How great a person AMWhy/Firelore is.
Or anything else I can't think of!

Naturally, the world is a market world so those players wishing to buy/sell can do so right away.

Land is free for all - but please restrict yourself to 1 pro each.
-Selling of land is prohibited and life will be made difficult for those doing so.
-Offensive signs will be removed without warning.

What else?

Other items and features will be added upon request.
A parkour has been added set at a difficulty level that even the newest players can complete. Timed events will run on the parkour course.

Spawns: The main spawn is the sign spawn. Several minor spawn are also set up and they will change daily, but only 2 spawns will be open at any one time:

NEWS spawn and 1 of:

All minor spawns are already set with blue teleporters. An onyx mass tele is set for all to use /tp as well.

DAILY NEWS is a new market. Players can claim land now. Players can have their own sign near spawn.


  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,280Member, Arbiter

    There will be a parkour race in Daily News in 4 hours. All are welcome. Why not pop in now and get some practice?

  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 790Member

    So now?

  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,280Member, Arbiter

    Then. There was no one around due to a new building competition, so postponed until tomorrow.

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