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Area_51 Quits because of Item Deletion, How is this dealt with?

SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
edited April 14 in General
So I got word of a player named Area_51 who recently quit deepworld because iibxrnz supposedly Deleted Area’s Market Converter by tapping it in Giveaway Market. So if owners of worlds can just delete protected items, how is this dealt with? Do they just get away with it? I was told area spent a large portion of all her items on it, so Im just wondering why such a thing just happens and nothing is done about it. Personally this is horrible... I dont see why a player should have to quit a game because an item they bought was deleted while in a Protector, which should be Protecting the item from use/mining.

Also, @Sirentist If an issue like this occurs... what is to be done? And will said player who lost such an item be reimbursed/have the item replaced?


  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    OKAY! So area isnt quitting apparently, she just doesnt want to play the game for right now because she is “angry and frustrated about losing something she worked and payed alot for” -Area-51 on Discord. STILL! I feel the need that something should be done about this...
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,275Member, Arbiter

    First, world owners can't mine other players items within a pro. What a world owner can do is remove signs. That is it.

    The only way that iibxrnz would have been able to mine within the pro is if Area_51 had given him permission to do so. That is, set the pro to 'friends' status and added iibxrnz as a friend.

    Second, why is Area_51 placing a market converter in a pro anyway? The only use for a market pro is to convert a world into a market. Once used it is gone. If it was for show, nothing would have been achieved as it looks exactly the same as a cheap scale.

    I'd suggest that Area_51 and iibxrnz look through their inventories (utilities) to see if it has popped back in there.

  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    @AMWhy I checked with Area, she said both her and iibxrnz flooded everywhere looking for it, she said while in the protector, she was showing a friend the market converter, when iibxrnz walked by, and and this is fully what she said "It was like it just Disappeared" and the world reloaded. The weird part though, is that the world was already a market.

    Could this possibly be a glitch?
  • AMWhyAMWhy 1,275Member, Arbiter

    When you use a market converter, you place it, then tap it to use it - like a Pandora. It sounds like she did just that. I don't know if there are checks in place to prevent you using one in someone else's world (there should be). In any case, she should email bytebin directly and they can look into it.

  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    She already mentioned that, I will tell her again to clarify :)
  • MihirGamesMihirGames Lost in spacePosts: 338Member
    When I used to manage axebury, people placed market converters and even if they’re protected I can get rid of them by tapping on them as I own the world
  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    @MihirGames That about fits the description of what happened to her.
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,085Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    edited April 14
    It is dealt with by her emailing [email protected] Nobody on the forum can do anything to help her problem.
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