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Fanart Discussions and Post Collection

SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
edited April 20 in General
I understand we have a fan art section to place our Artworks and Stories, but I feel we need a new Section for our arts, rather than using the old Reward post that doesn't actually Reward you, Also I wished to make this Post to collect all my Artworks.

Update: Some people said my art was a little Imperfect and difficult to see, so I'm going to work on refining the lines and better spend time on specific works, rather than doing them in like 10 minutes.

I will attach and/or post more as I make them :)

By the way everyone whos been asking, you can PM me Here in the Forums or in Discord (Sploosh#2914) to give me art ideas or ask any questions, and also, Ive been growing a liking towards Area_51 and we now work together making art :3
3024 x 4032 - 3M
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  • SplooshSploosh 6 Feet UnderPosts: 49Member
    OOf I figured out my issue, alot of my images are just shining off the light from my camera, I will try to find a better light or use my Lightbox to capture them ;3
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