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WalrusLordWalrusLord bbbbbbbbbPosts: 48Member
Since almost all of the order levels (crow, lion, moon, etc.) are based off of materials that could be found in game, I figured why not have a texture for rubies and sapphire? I was deciding to draw one between the two, and picked ruby because it seems to stand out more, and because the (developer only) ruby plaque exists. So Here are some fan-made textures I drew up for ruby ore (mined/unmined). Of course they aren't of the quality you'd normally see in-game, but it was still fun to make.
200 x 200 - 29K
400 x 400 - 66K


  • Burr1toPL4YBurr1toPL4Y Posts: 108Member

    Wow, those would be a beauty to find! Nice work on the art!

  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,879Member
  • WalrusLordWalrusLord bbbbbbbbbPosts: 48Member
    Now that I look at it, It looks a bit more like wax or a soft marble-ish stone. I should use sharper whites for the shiny parts and spread the bands out a bit more...
  • NerevarineNerevarine IT'S YA GIRLPosts: 3,605Member
    That's awesome art
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