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Deleted Discussion

DFNDFN Posts: 21Member
edited April 24 in General


  • EXPGamingEXPGaming Posts: 155Member
    DFN said:

    So to sum this all up, Exp and I, (Ros), were in a world to help a friend mine their XL world. Exp as a joke changed his name. As a joke, I made a new account and took his username but Deepworld wouldnt let me log in and of course, i couldnt log out because i wasnt registered. After tutorial, my Deepworld crashed before i could spawn in a public world or even register with an email.... I hope that by me posting this, I could get help from somewhere lol.

    (Sorry Exp)

    No need to say Sorry. I just changed my name to VeryScary. Just take down the post it’s cool.
  • MihirGamesMihirGames Lost in spacePosts: 327Member
    Use a vpn and try or wait
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