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AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member
edited May 6 in General
When: Today - June 1st

Where: Steamson PvP

Theme: Steampunk

Info: Hey guys! Aventail here! I would like to officially announce the opening of my new building competition in Steamson PvP! The theme is steampunk and you have almost 2 weeks to complete it. More info such as prizes can be found in the top left of the world Steamson PvP!

Rules: Maximum protector size is 2 Large protectors plus 4 Micros. No exceptions to this rule to make sure that everyone has ample space to build. Along with this, please do not copy others' builds, be creative in your own way! :) All entries must also be in the world Steamson PvP.

Good luck!

Signed, Aventail ~
Prime Minister of [STEAM]

P.S. Anyone willing to donate prizes to help grow the prize pool please see me in-game!
1334 x 750 - 5M
1334 x 750 - 5M
1334 x 750 - 5M
1334 x 750 - 5M
1334 x 750 - 3M


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,879Member
    edited May 6
    Sounds fun!

    NOTE: Don’t accept any large steam jets as prizes unless they’re from @Detech or Laurence.
  • AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member

    Sounds fun!

    NOTE: Don’t accept any large steam jets as prizes unless they’re from @Detech or Laurence.

    Yep! I dont have any LSJ's anyways unless anyone donates one to the prizes so I think i should be fine! Thanks for the warning!
  • AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member
    if nobody builds in this comp ill just quit lol btw guys i just doing this so my items can live on
  • TescosTescos SawConPosts: 272Member
    doesnt look like theres gonna be any players left to build..
  • AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member
    Tescos said:

    doesnt look like theres gonna be any players left to build..

    what makes u say that?
  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,141Member
    edited May 6
    And I am donating 5 onyx to the prizes.
    I will enter if I find time.
  • AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member
    Thanks detech for adding 5 onyx to the prizes! :)
  • AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member
    Thanks Fanta for adding a Notch to the prizes! :)
  • AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member

    hey thanks to all the 0 people who have built an entry so far it really means alot to me,, i mean hey if nobody entered this i would probably just blow all my stuff up yeah,, so thanks to all those 0 people for joining again it means alot

  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,141Member
    Aventail, don't take this personal
    The reasons for lack of builders entring your comp was probably:
    1. Lack of space for builders to enter
    2. There was just a comp with an industreal theme.
    3. Builders were tired from previous comps
    4. In general comps now have greater prize pools
    5. Lack of knowledge ingame about the comp.

    Here are a few things you can do in my opinion:
    1. Stay online to attract builders and explain things
    2. Get a world with more space
    3. Unite with other players and run comp together.
    4. Donate items to another comp/event

    There is no need to blow things up.
  • AventailAventail [STEAM]Posts: 22Member

    Competition is now closed due to nobody entering. I was definitely disappointed by this, however I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I will now be quitting deepworld and blowing up my rares tomorrow at 1PM est if anyone wants to watch at Steamson PvP.

    Sorry I couldn't make deepworld a better plave like I wanted to.

    Posting for the last time, Aventail

    Former Prime Minister of [STEAM].

  • ItzYeBoiNubItzYeBoiNub Posts: 69Member
    Dont blow up your stuff please. Don’t quit please

    I’m not trying to seem greedy here but since you closed the competition are you gonna blow up the prizes to? because people sponsored them prizes...
  • TealHyenaTealHyena SmoresPosts: 726Member

    It’s a shame to see a good player go!

    Happy trails and Goodluck in whatever you do in the future!

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