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Nature Competition!!!

ItzYeBoiNubItzYeBoiNub Posts: 69Member
edited May 11 in General
It’s that time again- a Building competition!!!

We’ve all seen the tension of the forums lately and it’s a good idea to take a break from that, so go enjoy yourself in-game by building marvellous natural structures and as a bonus get prizes. I also do not take any credit for hosting this, all of it was Wavy’s idea and planning.

Now for the main details...

The judges are Niche, .Greenbrean. and Wavy
The world it is conducted in is called Wavy World
The Start date is 12th of May and ends 12th of June

1st Place - Every Painting In-game (+Mammoth Head)

2nd Place - Notch, Dig Dug, Autumn and 10 onyx

3rd Place - Notch, Mayflower and 8 onyx

There are also bonus prizes! Go to the world, Wavy world to check them out!

P.S. Keep the protecters at 2 Mega Protecters maximum Please


  • ItzYeBoiNubItzYeBoiNub Posts: 69Member
    EXPGaming said:

    Isn’t that in Wavy world.

    Yah it is
  • BrodyBrody Posts: 1Member
    Thanks to Fanta for creating this thread for me. I thought I’d create a small building comp as it would add some needed interest in the game. Visit Wavy World as stated above to learn more, check out the prizes, and participate!
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