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RazeRaze Posts: 190Member
Make LSJ untradeable easy fix just what happened to growtopia (plz don’t warn me for mentioning the name) they every expensive items untradeable please don’t let the price fall like the heads for a fact I might of found the source code for Deepworld and I can fix the duping issues by handing out the files to Laurence without him doing anything.


  • _CRYSTAL_KING__CRYSTAL_KING_ Posts: 130Member
    This seems like a good solution.

    Now, all we need to do is make onyx and all rares untradable!
  • ItzDenniszItzDennisz Ñ͚̮̜͈̥̙͆̇Ư̥̰̓̚L̻̼̖̲̲̱̒͐͒̉̚L͎͙̲̗̝̯̑̔ͭ͡Posts: 2,948Member
    I hope you don't actually think you can just 'fix the duping issues by handing out the files to Laurence' so casually like it's an ordinary tuesday for you.
  • RazeRaze Posts: 190Member
    I mean can’t he just slow down the pickaxe speed?
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