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Deepworld's End



  • ipadsipads Posts: 2,005Member, Arbiter
  • RhinoClawRhinoClaw HellPosts: 145Member
    Goodbye Everyone! =((
  • MemesterDeemsterMemesterDeemster Making Memes in AntarticaPosts: 34Member

    Honestly, a good run these years. I will miss this game and the community it provided. You all may know me as MenoHuynh, Menocraft191, or Meno_191. I will miss you all dearly and thanks for providing me a great childhood 🤗

  • MechanicalMechanical Posts: 1Member
    edited June 8
    To stay connected with those ive met along the way, you can add me on discord @ Mechanical#6909 It's been a great ride with you all <3 If you'd like to connect further, just ask for my snap, id be glad to share it.. Hope life brings joy and prosperity to everyone here.
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  • IvoryIvory r/Deepworld ModeratorPosts: 122Member
    I'm happy I made it to the 5 year mark. Lots of drama, laughs, creativity, and my favorite, the diversity. Y'all are so different from one another and it really shows in the buildings and topics of years-old threads. I love it and I hope once this forums is over, you guys keep growing and stay connected. @Mechanical has been on the instagram and snap for about 3.5 years now, keep the friendships going.
  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

    Guys, if u want to commect with me, my discord is RoboXeno#1980, if u want to check my stats, its take ur time to go to the dw site. I will just reach goal a gameplay of 2+ months, and other achievements along the way. I hope deepworld will rise from its remains. I had my good times, now imma do speed run to get a plat pick, and other very rare items. This is my last farewell to deepworld, and my stuff will be with it. GG, im moving to play other online games and i hope we meet again.

  • RoboXenoRoboXeno Posts: 12Applicant

    Also shoutout to universe(sirentist), .Jack. , Freezy. , Icy., PhoenixDragon, ZHAR, EXPGaming, Lilhoe, Wavy, Crash, kyree, phatsoo, Awake., Niche., Firm.,1QzTe, helldrag, and other pro gamers i know for being relevant and being the best gamers of dw i only know.

  • MaverickMaverick The Chernokov ashesPosts: 53Member
    edited June 8

    "Like old prince and Braidy's mom, all the dolphins have moved on."

    See you around spacecowboy.
  • ToadvillieTheNoobToadvillieTheNoob Posts: 4Member


  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,886Member
    edited June 8
    Dr_Derp said:

    Deepworld holds a special place in my heart. Maybe not in recent years, but it is still hard to depart with this game that was so prominent in my teen years.

    It should go to stand that I would like to stay with this game, even if it has a different form, and even if I have to make that different form myself. Basically Mike Laurence, I would like to get access to Deepworld's assets (mainly art assets). This can either be by you open sourcing everything, or even via purchasing rights.

    If anything like this would be possible please let us know. I know of plenty of people who would be willing to make things happen so they can stay with Deepworld for longer.

    I’m planning on designing my own assets (my art style is very close to the original art), and just using Deepworld as a reference for the code (and maybe some secret Deepworld-themed items).

    Also, hold onto your usernames and several facts or experiences in Deepworld, because that will be my way to authenticate that you played the game and can have access to said items and benefits. There also may be a super special item for devs, admins, and anyone I see fit.

    EDIT: I may need the logs of how many crowns people have spent. Go ahead and spend a little more ;)
  • Retro_ChowRetro_Chow Hiding from diabloPosts: 1,584Member
    edited June 8

    Good luck with everything in the future mike. Seen everything since 2013 through all the good times and bad. All good things come to an end.

  • MihirGamesMihirGames Lost in spacePosts: 356Member
    Seems like someone got into my acc and took my prized possession, my name. This is the end for me.
    2048 x 1536 - 1M
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,886Member

    Seems like someone got into my acc and took my prized possession, my name. This is the end for me.

    So that wasn’t you on last night. I’m sorry for your loss.
  • MihirGamesMihirGames Lost in spacePosts: 356Member

    Seems like someone got into my acc and took my prized possession, my name. This is the end for me.

    So that wasn’t you on last night. I’m sorry for your loss.
    Pretty sure it was, this happened around 30+ mins ago
  • mofc1991mofc1991 Posts: 791Member

    Yall wanna do a vid for YouTube on the ending of Deepworld with everyone being in it so it can never be forgotten....👋

  • DetechDetech Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,145Member

    Thank you Mike! This means there is still time for me to finish my tree!

  • Shadow711Shadow711 Posts: 883Member
    edited June 8
    This little game has changed me in so many ways, it’ll be sad to see it go. Though I’ve been expecting this for a long time now, It doesn’t crush me any less to see it actually happen. Goodbye, Deepworld.

    750 x 1334 - 186K
  • ForestGumpForestGump Living On A Forest rn, Hbu?Posts: 356Member

    A sad goodbye 👋

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