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tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,440Member, Arbiter


One hour ago the former government of the RSU officially surrendered. When the clock struck 9 in the morning, RSU party officials resigned under the eye of the victorious rebel leader Gregory Ilyopov.

The RSU didn’t go down without a battle. For years the Union has been in conflict, which reached it’s conclusion with the Battle of New Moscow. Ilyopov opened fire on the Union’s capital some six days ago, reducing much of the iconic city to rubble. What was not destroyed by the artillery, was destroyed by the Red Army, who fought until the bitter end, street by street, block by block. The Socialist Palace, the massive party headquarters where the RSU was founded, was taken by Ilyopov’s men two days ago. The palace of the General Secretary, Tjergoz von Zitsen, fell earlier this morning. It was there where the rebels found most party officials, who signed peace just a mere hour ago with as backscene the ruined Socialist Palace. Ironically, the place where the Union was founded is also the place where it ended. Marshall Pushkarov handed over the nuclear arsenal aswell, and commanded his Red Army to stand down. The RSU is no more.

There is still no trace of the leader of the RSU. He hasn’t been located in New Moscow altough it is very likely he was there. It is possible that he was able to flee the city through the New Moscow catacombs, but nothing is set in stone. Soma have reported seeing him near the airfield.

~The Ministry of Public News and Information


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    Halcyon OPEratives recognises the end of the wars.
  • IronManArcherIronManArcher STEEEEEEEEEEAM JEETSPosts: 2,884Member
    tjergoz said:

    It is possible that he was able to flee the city through the New Moscow catacombs, but nothing is set in stone.

    Nothing but THE SKELETONS!!
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    Shall the Tsar be restored?

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    Skylark sheds a tear in the loss of their old ally.
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