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Farewell Deepworld

iSpeakiSpeak MassachusettsPosts: 82Member
edited June 8 in General
For the past 4 and a half years, I’ve had a blast playing this game.

Special thanks to:

Masterbuilder/Everest for being my favorite friend on Deepworld. I don’t know where you are now, but I’ll never forget you and I’ll miss roleplaying with you.


Genesis for being a great friend and owning the greatest guild ever (Genesis) that I was in and wish still existed. I remember when Genesis had me spy on The Llamas grand feast and pretend to be their queen/chef. King Llama would’ve never guessed.

The guy who pretended to be my personal android and help me out with one of my new worlds. We built a whole city with a capital and stuff like a conveyor belt highway. Hope you found another person work for!

My final special thanks goes out to @WhatsHisHead (Infiniti) and Galaxy for being my last friends in this game. I loved building the Lincoln foundation center. I’m sure it helped out a lot of noobs.

I’ve been lurking mostly (because this forum has basically been dead until today) and haven’t played Deepworld in a while due to it also being basically dead/boring.

I hope to be there for the minute Deepworld shuts down. Thank you Mike for making one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Farewell fellow miners, crafters, collectors, and spelunkers!

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