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1 x 1 Player Square World

Android2_0Android2_0 Posts: 242Member
edited July 2 in Come and Visit...

Hello everyone. Not sure if this is a stupid or good idea, but I made a little memorial world for players called Deepworld Memorial. Anyone is welcome to participate in this world. So what I had in mind was that each player has a 1 x 1 square that they are allowed to decorate with any backdrop or block they desire. Then, above their block will be a sign with their name. That’s it. Pretty simple, but I want everybody to participate in this project. Both active and no longer active, forum browsers could participate since you could just pm me your name, and what you would like in your square. I’ve already got a few people participating, but I think it would be cool if we had a ton. Tell you friends, and thanks for participating!

Edit: Also forgot to say that anything in your cube is final unless you replace it with something else.


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