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Well since I cant talk in Gen, Ill say it here.

MutinyMutiny 𝐀𝐧 𝐀π₯π’πžπ§β—Posts: 6Applicant
Alot of you already know, I left the game about july 2nd or 3rd.. I gave away all my items including my lsj and everything.

I guess I came to say it was nice seeing this game, and im sad it never lasted any further, after this post is finished, im deleting deepworld and everything else related to it. I will miss you all (even the jerks who called me a duper over the last few months ;3)

Although I already know Baddev is half way done remaking the game’s internals and plans to remake it entirely, I seriously doubt this game has a future by any means. I really hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did

It was a fun 6 years, I never got to experience it as 1 name, and I apologize to those With feelings I hurt because of that. Goodbye.

And with that. I shall begone forever.

And just one more thing. Sorry Jens.
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