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Late sign up

Unclejoey101Unclejoey101 Posts: 2Member
edited April 2012 in General
Hey developers I realy like the look of this game and I would love to be a part of it is there anyway that I can register late for the beta testing thanks bye :-)


  • Unclejoey101Unclejoey101 Posts: 2Member
    Pls can be part of this awesome game
  • DreezerDreezer Posts: 53Member
    edited April 2012
    They may put you in the mac alpha as that just started yesterday. But a surefire way to get into beta is to fund them on kickstarter. So just by posting in here may get you in.
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  • xaertyxaerty Posts: 8Member
    hi can i have the game
  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    just read what dreezer said above.. ^
  • DeepworldFanDeepworldFan Posts: 1Member
    Fantastic game!
    I would be really happy to get early access in beta.
  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    are you playing?
  • DeepworldFanDeepworldFan Posts: 1Member
    Me? No, I've just watched videos and really love it.
  • ddawg77ddawg77 Posts: 362Member
    Same with me, no Mac
  • bparkerbparker Posts: 396Member
    I just am going to keep watching this forum and seeing how the Mac version comes along and then when Ios comes out I will play that.
  • ddawg77ddawg77 Posts: 362Member
    Yep, same here. I've finally collected myself, and have developed a supernatural patience. From waiting for updates, to waiting for betas have all improved my patience!
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