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Royal Rocket Garden - Mount Southwold

ConezPwnz47ConezPwnz47 Posts: 1,563Member
edited April 2013 in Gripes and Grins
Hello, everyone. Today a travesty of archetecture has come to my attention. In my home world, Mount Southwold, someone has constructed a building in the sky. It is called the Royal Rocket Garden and is over @elder_scrolls home. Whoever built this it would be appreciated if it were demolished and moved to the ground, as the inhabitants of MountSouthwold consider all sky-buildings spam and see this one as a stain upon our beautiful world. If this belongs to you please message me and we'll talk it over.
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  • ConezPwnz47ConezPwnz47 Posts: 1,563Member
    Thanks to the generous help of @onlyphoenix this building has been locked in a protected cage until further notice.
  • AuraAura EnglandPosts: 5,075Member, Arbiter
    Any update on the owner of this piece of Sky S#!% building?
  • ConezPwnz47ConezPwnz47 Posts: 1,563Member
    Nope, sorry.
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