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General Game FAQ

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What is the basic gameplay?

Deepworld is a 2D action/adventure MMO. The game world is comprised of many zones, each of which is procedurally generated with all kinds of different caves, dungeons, and other surprises. You can visit each of these areas and explore, as well as dig/mine to gain resources and ultimately craft all kinds of items. As you collect and craft, you can then build the house, dungeon, or [insert random structure] of your dreams. And you can do all of that alongside of your friends in realtime!

Where can I download Deepworld?

Deepworld is available for download in the App Store.

Will there be single-player mode?

It is planned, but the first few releases will focus on multiplayer only.

How much does it cost?

$5 buys you a cross-platform license, and $10 gets you your own private zone.

I have a shared iTunes account or I have more than one player and I would like to purchase a second Premium Upgrade. How do I do this?

Please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help you take care of this.

What can I find in the world?

All sorts of things, from the ever-present earth to hidden, unique treasures:
  • Raw materials for crafting
  • Furniture, machines, and baubles from the bygone Victorian age
  • Machine parts which can be combined to permanently enhance an entire zone
  • Clothing and other objects to deck out your player avatar
  • Rare treasures which give unique powers
How modifiable is the world?

The world is comprised mostly of blocks (much like Minecraft/Terraria), nearly all of which can be destroyed, mined, changed, moved, etc.

Can random people mess up my creations?

Potentially! But don't worry, there are protectors that can prevent other people from damaging your works of art.

Will there be monsters/mobs?

Yes, there are creatures and golems. They have a variety of attacks and can be very dangerous!

Isn't this just Terraria/Minecraft with some new paint?

Deepworld shares gameplay elements with Minecraft and Terraria; in fact, it was directly inspired by Minecraft, which in turn was inspried by Infiniminer, and so forth.

Deepworld is partly a love letter to the sandbox genre, but we think we're innovating hard and fast in many unique ways. Our game is truly massively multiplayer, a persistent online sandbox universe of a scale not seen since Second Life, and across desktop and mobile platforms, to boot. It features changeable world ecosystems, skill-based crafting, and steam power. It will soon have mini-games like capture the flag and freeze tag, and we have awesome plans for dynamic and player-manipulatable music. We really think you'll enjoy it!

I see there are both Mac OS and iOS versions. Will the two be playable together?

Yep! The online universe is shared between all devices. You'll be able to switch between iOS and Mac versions seamlessly if you like.

Will there be a Windows version?

Windows version is currently in development.

Will there be an Android version?

Android version will be next up after the Windows version.

Is there and ETA on the Windows or Android versions?

No definite date yet, but they are in the works.

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