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That ultra rage moment when..

Junktruck98Junktruck98 Posts: 3,260Member
edited April 2013 in Gripes and Grins
Post your rage moment in Deepworld here!

E.g (tru story)

Half an hour of pushing an android all the way to the surface, now to build my home!
"Beep boop"
*android walks into a noob hole of people mining straight down.
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  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    edited April 2013
    When I discovered my hotel and house was griefed fully.
    Edit: this should be in the gripes category
  • Junktruck98Junktruck98 Posts: 3,260Member
    its more of for fun for people to share their stories.. im not complaining, im sharing for everyone to laugh over :)

    but whatever, if the mods think so, by all means ^_^
  • KoolTatoKoolTato At your mom's house watching Darude - Sandstorm.Posts: 1,076Member
    I was helping toadlover push an android to his house.... He was called issac Newton :D
  • Junktruck98Junktruck98 Posts: 3,260Member
    That ultra rage moment when
    I cleared an entire dungeon and got to the treasure room to find i did not have enough levels to break the last protector.
    and then i die.
  • tjergoztjergoz Posts: 5,440Member, Arbiter
    And then i helped. And then he found an dress ^
  • Junktruck98Junktruck98 Posts: 3,260Member
    tjergoz said:

    And then i helped. And then he found an dress ^

    That makes the rage level for both of us higher xD
  • toffeetoffee Posts: 342Member
    I was rageing like mad wen my world got greifed for the 11 TiME!
  • Rattle26Rattle26 Somewhere in the Deepworld...Posts: 1,118Member
    I was raging like crazy when i found out.... My 20th hotel in Larkhall got bombed even when I assigned managers and staff members to prevent this...
  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    I was raging because I was raging.
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