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Interesting Background

CattsworthCattsworth Nowhere. Or Dead.Posts: 769Member
I'm asuming this is some sort of Bug/Glitch, However based on the odd discovery of it I felt like it belongs in this category. Has anyone else witnessed this?
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  • ogmiosogmios Posts: 660Member
    Part of the background is transparent, did you take this image right after you logged in? Because in that case it is probably due to how the game engine draws frames.
  • CattsworthCattsworth Nowhere. Or Dead.Posts: 769Member
    @ogmios No, I was in the game for aleast 20 minutes when I discovered this.
  • ogmiosogmios Posts: 660Member
    Hmmm, misplaced texture I guess. Kinda like the weird stuff resin does sometimes.
  • evil_ethorocksevil_ethorocks Posts: 43Member
    Ohhh that's just realy the nature background in a deep cave
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