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Im changing this post Skill book for sale

jojolovesyoyosjojolovesyoyos Posts: 39Member
edited April 2013 in Gripes and Grins
I hang out on thrisk if u want it
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  • PianoPiano Posts: 961Member
    Please do not call people out on the forums. If you have a problem, email the developers ate [email protected]
  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    I understand you are mad, although please avoid reporting players publicly via the forums. It may give people a bad image of that person, or the game.

    If you wish to create a trading thread asking for a skill book, that is fine. Just please do not report people here. Use the in-game reporting feature (*report) and if you feel the need e-mail, or message the developers, although little to nothing can be done if you were tricked.
  • jojolovesyoyosjojolovesyoyos Posts: 39Member
    :/ it took me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to get that stuff tho
  • jojolovesyoyosjojolovesyoyos Posts: 39Member
    But ok
  • mike887mike887 Posts: 1,616Member
    Still from my point of view u nvr really see people get punished plus some peale report random people for no one so it would bcool if they added like add a reason they greifed me well what they greif and y
  • PhilosopherPhilosopher Posts: 1,250Member
    If this keeps up, we will have moderators screening every new thread before coming through... or maybe we need Forum Rules as a sticky, @lisa ?
  • dmmagicdmmagic Your mom's house.Posts: 3,236Member
    I wonder if other MMO forums are similarly filled with "so-and-so player tricked me/stole from me/tickled me in the no-no place" threads.

  • lisalisa ice cream parlorPosts: 5,129Administrator
    And I will just say it again:

    @jojolovesyoyos: Players are responsible for their own items. Do not trust strangers to be honest with you. Do not give items to people even if they promise you the moon. Trading is done at your own risk. There isn't anything we can do about your items, but I hope this will be a lesson for the future.

    @Philosopher I am thinking I will work on that later today. Good idea.

    @dmmagic if I EVER hear about you tickling people in their no-no places I don't even know what I will do... :)
  • jojolovesyoyosjojolovesyoyos Posts: 39Member
    Im sorry for all the yelling but i need this stuff again diamond pickaxe for a skill book
  • lisalisa ice cream parlorPosts: 5,129Administrator
    I am also not sure why this is in discoveries, so I am moving it.
  • jojolovesyoyosjojolovesyoyos Posts: 39Member
    Kk i did not try to it was on that from one of my last comments
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