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All Forum Members Please Read: Guidelines and Terms of Service Reminder (edited 1/2017)

lisalisa ice cream parlorPosts: 5,129Administrator
edited January 2017 in General
Here are some important guidelines for creating topics for discussion and posting in general on the forum. Please remember that this is NOT the place for discussions involving things such as religion, sexual preferences, politics in the real world etc.

1. Do a search for key words in your discussion idea to see if there is already a discussion started. If you want to ask when Exos are coming out, for example, search for exos or exoskeletons and see what threads already exist. You might find your answer is already on the forums so there is no need for a new thread.

2. Take a moment to think about what section your thread belongs in. Here is an explanation of each category:

In Game

Collaborations: Need help purifying a world or leveling the land etc.? Looking for people to go on a hunt with you? Ask for helpers here.

Commerce: Have something for sale or trade? Looking to buy or trade for something? The Deepworld Trading Post and Auction House is your one stop shop.

Discoveries: Look what I found in the game!!!

Gripes: Have an in game complaint? Did someone steal your stuff and you're angry about it? Have an issue with a building placed somewhere it shouldn't be? Gripe about it here! (PLEASE NOTE: you may complain, but do not use another player's name to complain directly about him or her.)

Guilds: Recruitment and discussions regarding In Game guilds.

Come and Visit: Invite people to visit your new world.

Out of Game

FAQs and NotSoFAQs: Have a question? Need help with how something works in the game? Wondering when something is going to be implemented? Check out the FAQs and ask your fellow players for help or advice.

General: This section should really not be used by players. This is here for general announcements by devs and mods and for those players who might not have English as their first language. Posts here will be moved to the proper topic, but players should try to put their posts in the proper category on their own rather than posting here.

Bugs: Post here about bugs found in game.

Blog: Catch up with Deepworld blog posts. (Dev posts only)

Events: Admin sponsored competitions, beta tests, player organized tournaments

Fan Art/Fan Fic/Screenshots: Artistic creations by Deepworld players and interesting or amusing screenshots.

Feedback and Game Ideas: Have something to say about Deepworld in general or a new idea for the future? Say it here!

Off-Topic: Non-Deepworld discussions and threads that don't really fit a topic.

The Poll Vault: Have a poll? Post it here! (use the poll option when creating your thread)

Press: Press we'd like to share with the Deepworld community! (Dev posts only)

Unofficial Contests/GiveawaysJust as the title suggests: contests and giveaways sponsored by players.

3. In the titles of your post, try to put as much information as possible. Saying, "I need help" is not going to get as good a response as, "Could someone please explain how to program butler bots". The more information you put in the title, the better help you are going to receive.

4. Make sure to change the category from the drop down menu when you are posting. It seems that it auto sets to either the last category you were reading a post in, or the first topic in the list. Please make sure to change it before sending your post.

5. Do not call out other players for negative reasons. If you have an issue with a specific player use the in game reporting feature. If you use a player's name in a negative fashion, your post will be deleted. If you have an issue with another player/forumer the best idea would be to approach them in pm about it. It is your choice how to handle things, but be respectful and expect people to argue with you, especially if you are accusing them of things.

6. If you have a personal message for a specific player, please use the pm system rather than making a post directly to that player.

7. If your post is the last post in a thread and you want to add something or make a change, please use the edit option rather than making a new post.

8. If you have an issue with your account, purchasing premium, etc. please email [email protected]

9. Do not swear or call other people names. This behaviour will not be tolerated. (I really didn't think this needed to be said, but apparently it does.)

10. There is no buying or selling of privately owned worlds.

11. You only get/need 1 forum account. No good can come from having alternate forum accounts. The most frequent reason people want alt accounts is to be a doppelganger. While this is cute, it gets to be problematic after a while. This is why the doppels were deleted. The only other reason to have an alternate forum account is to hide who you really are in an attempt to deceive people. That is not the type of community Deepworld is. Be honest about yourself and if you make a mistake own up to it, apologize and move on. If you legitimately have a sibling who also plays, we can talk about how to work this out. PM me. Just be aware that I am pretty good at figuring out if you are trying to pull one over one me :)

12. Do no gossip about players who have been banned or are otherwise unable to be here to respond/defend themselves. Gossip is not needed on the forum. Do not post negatively about a banned player or on a banned player's wall. If you wish to know why a player was banned (from the date of this editing forward) we will make every attempt to have a reason in the warnings box.

13. I can't believe this has to be said, but hate speech of any sort is not tolerated. That includes, but is not limited to, racism/sexism/sexual preference/religion/gender identification/changing your avatar to inappropriate people such as [EBL]/any talk of nazism at all. You will receive one warning then you will be removed from the forum for good.

14. Another "I can't believe this has to be said": Do not post personal photos that do not belong to you. Especially do not post them pretending they are you. Stealing is terrible and most likely no one really believe it is you anyways.

15. Do not use any image as your profile picture that includes the words "User Banned" or looks like our user banned image. While you might think it is obvious you are joking, it is not always clear to others and confuses them. Banning is not taken lightly and shouldn't be joked about. If you do not heed this warning, your image will be changed by one of us.

16. Commenting is fun, but try to avoid frequently posting comments that contain little or no content. If you agree with a poster but have nothing else to add, just click the "agree" or "like" button instead of adding a post saying "+1", "Agree!", or some kind of meme image.

17. Do not post messages from players who have been banned. They have been removed from the forum for a reason and should not have representation here.

I hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion as we try to keep the forums a friendly place and a bit more organized.

Terms of Service

I want to quickly remind everyone of the Terms of Service that you agree to when registering for both Deepworld the game as well as the forums. You are agreeing that you are at least 13 years of age or older. Due to legal restrictions, if it is found out that you are under the age of 13 your forum and game accounts will be disabled. That is all. Please return to your regularly scheduled looting and bombings.

Game ToS:

Forums ToS:

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