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Interview with Piano

SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
edited April 2013 in General
And now here's @Piano!


Yes, that is really the size of the picture he sent me. Who knew Piano was so tiny! Piano is so tiny I can't even make any jokes about his facial expression. (You can see a better picture of Piano's face if you click on his forum avatar, though.) So I guess I'll just have to move along to the questions, instead.

What's your favorite joke? If your favorite joke is too X-rated or whatever for this forum, then what's your favorite joke that IS appropriate?
What's your real first name if you feel okay sharing it?
What part of the world are you in?
What's the story behind your username?
What was the first thing you created in the game that you felt was important enough to put a protector on? Does it still exist? If so, where? If not, why not?
If your life were a book, what would be the chapter headings?
What's your most distinguishing feature?
What's something you like about yourself?
What's your weirdest or most annoying habit?
What's the creepiest interaction you've ever had with an insect?
What's the most exotic animal you've ever touched?
Why are cats so much better than dogs?
What's something about your upbringing that's unique, and how has it affected your view of the world?
In one sentence, what's your philosophy of life?
Who's your favorite person on the forum, possibly in the entire world, who has a clown nose in game and purple hair in real life and whose name begins with S, has nine letters, and ends with t?


  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Why haven't you answered any questions yet?
  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    What nationality are you?

    Can you program?

    If so what languages and how well?

    Can you speak a foreign language?

    If so what, and how well?

    What is the longest word word you know? Must be an actual word that you know the meaning of

    How did you discover Deepworld and what was it that interested you?

    Have you played Pokemon?

    Are you allergic to anything?

    If so what and how badly?

    What is the worst thing you have ever lost?

    What is the worst injury you have ever had/have?

    Do you like Jaffa Cakes?

    Do you serve Diablo Not trying to start a war just want too know

    Do you like bunny?

    (='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
    (")_(") signature to help him gain world domination

    @sirentist Why not use the img tag?
  • ZapfuryZapfury Posts: 3,142Member
    edited April 2013
    1.Do you play the piano?

    If so at what age?

    2. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter

    @sirentist Why not use the img tag?

    Um, I did? It just took me thirty seconds to straighten it out, sheesh!
  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    -shrugs innocently-
  • KillerHenzKillerHenz Posts: 2,019Member
    how old r u
  • p1nkbr0p1nkbr0 Like, totally, brahPosts: 5,087Member, Arbiter
    Do you like cartoons?

    If not, why?

    What's your favorite cartoon?

    Are you artistically gifted? Challenged? Somewhere in between?
  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    Why is this not an announcement like all the others have been?
  • ClueboeClueboe The AoD Headquarters... Wherever it is...Posts: 2,302Member, Arbiter
    edited April 2013
    What's your favorite composer/song?
    In the picture you provided, which person are you? There are a few in the background of the image.
    Would you rather be able to taste color, of smell color?
  • PianoPiano Posts: 961Member
    @Clueboe asked:

    Favorite composer/song?
    Chopin. No favorite piece, I enjoy too many.

    In the picture, which person are you?
    The person the picture is focused on.

    Would you rather taste or smell color?
    I can already do both. Food coloring and oranges.
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    edited April 2013

    Why is this not an announcement like all the others have been?

    Because @lisa is a giant slacker and forgot there would be an interview change tonight.

    We'll just have to keep asking questions to keep it up near the top, ha!

    Edited to add:
    I did just send a PM to @mikelaurence asking him to sticky this if happened to be browsing the forums, so hopefully he'll see it. Otherwise it might not happen until the morning. Sorry, Piano!

    Oh, and a question:

    What is the most difficult challenge you've had to face in your life so far?
  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    Why did you start to learn piano?

    What is your IG rarest item?
    What iS your IRL rarest item?
  • lisalisa ice cream parlorPosts: 5,129Administrator
    I fell asleep. SORRY!!! :D
  • PlasmaDogPlasmaDog Posts: 669Member
    How old are you?
  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    Why does @sirentist scowl all the time?

    @lisa tsk tsk tsk, Falling asleep on the job I-) . Naughty Naughty.
  • AmberLABAmberLAB Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,719Member
    Just one question @Piano,
    What's the hardest piano song you know how to play? I wonder if I could beat it.. I play piano too!
  • PlasmaDogPlasmaDog Posts: 669Member
    edited April 2013
    Ignore this post
  • DaHoboAtWalMartDaHoboAtWalMart Posts: 93Member
    Hey Piano, what would you do for a Klondike bar?
  • ClueboeClueboe The AoD Headquarters... Wherever it is...Posts: 2,302Member, Arbiter
    What is your favorite/least favorite bird?
  • KillerHenzKillerHenz Posts: 2,019Member
    error_404 said:

    How old are you?

    if you read this disscussion i already asked that
  • PianoPiano Posts: 961Member
    @Sirentist asked:

    What is the most difficult challenge you've had to face in your life so far?
    Probably living with my stepfather as a child.

    @jellysnake asked:

    Why did you start to learn piano?
    To keep me sane.

    What is your rarest item IG?
    Smasheroids? Onyx?

    What is your rarest item IRL?
    An original book of gregorian chants.

    @KillerHenz asked:

    How old are you?
    I am twenty-two.

    @AmberLAB asked:
    What's the hardest piece you can play?
    That depends on what you mean by hard.. Slower pieces are way dynamically harder than technical pieces. Plus, different people have trouble on different techniques. I, for example, had a lot of trouble with Bach's Two Part Inventions. Nonetheless, since you probably mean hard in terms of fast playing and swift fingers, I'd say the Hammerklavier Sonata is the most challenging.
  • Liangdi_Wang7Liangdi_Wang7 Hungary. I am so hungry.Posts: 647Member
    Do you have a piano?
  • bparkerbparker Posts: 396Member
    What is your most anticipated feature in Deepworld?

    Are there any other instruments you want to learn besides besides piano?

    Do you sing at all?

    If yes what voice part are you?
  • PianoPiano Posts: 961Member
    @Clueboe asks:

    Are you able to play this piece?
    Considering that you'd need both your hands, feet, and 5 tongues to play, probably not.

    @Ligandi_Wang7 asks:

    Do you have a piano?

    @bparker asks:

    Do you sing at all, if so what voice type?
    I do a bit of singing, it isn't really my thing. I'd probably be considered a bass, or really low tenor.
  • AmberLABAmberLAB Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,719Member
    Wow you are very skilled, I see. I can most definitely not play that on piano! You're amazing!
    How many years have you played piano for?
    Do you have any siblings, if so how old and names (if comfortable)
  • PianoPiano Posts: 961Member
    @AmberLAB asks:

    How many years have you played the piano?
    About 18 years.

    Do you have any siblings, if so, names and how old?
    I have two step-brothers, 20, and 18. I will not share their names.
  • stingerbee5000stingerbee5000 In a hive.Posts: 2,911Member, Arbiter
    What is your favorite colour?



    Do you have any pet peeves?
  • AuraAura EnglandPosts: 5,075Member, Arbiter
    Do you prefer Shadows or Light?

    Good or evil?

    Day or night?

    Do you believe everything exists in equilibrium?

    Who/what is your IG character most like?

    How would you act if i hacked into DW and big bombed your whole flower garden?

    Do you actually think the above question was serious? :P
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