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Dungeons in Hell and Ice Worlds?

DaMorlockDaMorlock Posts: 3,641Member, Arbiter
edited December 2012 in General
Do hell and ice worlds have dungeons with brains?


  • toadlovertoadlover Applying Woturr to the Urrth, to prevent the Ayerr from stoking the Phyrre.Posts: 6,432Member, Arbiter
    I think so. I know they have dungeons. All the dungeons I have found were completed though, so I can only guess that brains were there.
  • DaMorlockDaMorlock Posts: 3,641Member, Arbiter
  • DaleDale Posts: 313Member
    Most hell worlds and I can only think of three, were old and therefore had old style dungeons. But I believe new hells with extra cool new dungeons are on the way
  • quinnstephensquinnstephens Posts: 464Administrator
    Yep, some devious new Hell dungeons will be in the game shortly!
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