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Can Dev. Edit the World?

EpicMister14EpicMister14 Cardboard BoxPosts: 1,369Member
We are building the Big Ben in London! Hurray! We were making it out of iron though.... :(. I am just putting this thread up to ask if Dev. Can use world edit tools. I know that this is only in minecraft. Im just asking if you are able to do that! If you don't know what im talking about... World edit is when you can use special tools to create a world very fast and in an easy way! I want you guys to use one tool, allowing you to change any object into another object! I want you guys to turn the Big Ben from iron to the tan bricks and the background to the darker tan brick back-drop!

Can you guys please help some players out'


  • mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,362Member, Administrator
    Unfortunately we don't have that capability at the moment, and we're unlikely to very soon, sorry!
  • EpicMister14EpicMister14 Cardboard BoxPosts: 1,369Member
    Aww, that's ok.
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