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Forum Image Sanitisation And Security

BrechnorBrechnor Posts: 38Member
edited April 2012 in General
Do you sanitise the images that people submit to this website as pictures? I was just uploading a new avatar pic and realised.

If there isn't any kind of sanitisation then you need to be careful, especially if you start getting popular. A well known family IOS game had an easy access website (easier than this though) and certain people put not very nice pictures on the forum so they had some huge problems.

Maybe you have got something there but I really don't want to test it out if you know what I mean!

Thought I would mention it because I don't want to see your website get messed over like theirs was.... it was a website for TeamLava and I don't play any of their games any more.

Also be careful of javascript forum injection etc, that's something else I don't want to test but I know about that sort of thing through my university and if there are gaps people will use them.

Make sure you get some one to PENTEST your website before it hits the masses :)


  • ddawg77ddawg77 Posts: 362Member
    Thank you! I really don't like some things people put on the Internet, and that would be much appreciated!
  • mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,366Member, Administrator
    Good points, we'll look into image moderation and spam protection.

    We've only gotten one spam post so far (some discount medication something or other), but I'm sure it will increase... stupid bots!
  • ddawg77ddawg77 Posts: 362Member
    Lol! Seriously!
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