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Interview with mikelaurence

SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,085Member, Moderator, Arbiter
Guess who I tricked into being our first interview victim of round two? That's right, our own beloved @mikelaurence! Here he is, exemplifying the perfect mix of dorky and cool:


Aww, look at his adorable self! Those blue eyes! And the cosmic cat, too! I love how Mike is looking contemplatively off in one direction and the cat is kinda glaring in the opposite direction. I can't decide who's cuter.

Oh and before we jump into the questions, I just want to remind people that these interviews are about getting to know the person behind the account a little better.

In other words, this is NOT the place to ask Mike to look at your idea for the game, or to ask when such-and-such feature will be implemented, or to complain about how you found a bug or how you bought crowns and didn't get them, and so on. If you ask those kinds of questions, he has total rights to simply ignore them, and if Lisa happens to notice them, she has agreed to summarily send them to bad-question hell.

Game-related questions are fine as long as they offer us some insight into Mike himself, but the real idea is to ask him stuff that will help us get to know him as a person. He's more than just our celebrity developer, right? Ask him about his favorite things, his connections, his beliefs, what he enjoys! Let's find out about the man behind the game.

Towards that end, allow me to start us off with some completely new and unexpected questions.

What's your favorite joke?
What was the first thing you created in the game that you felt was important enough to put a protector on? Does it still exist? If so, where? If not, why not?
What's one way in which you are totally way cooler than any of the other Bytebin folks?
In what way(s) does Deepworld reflect values that you hold dear?
What's your most distinguishing feature?
What's something you like about yourself?
What's your weirdest or most annoying habit?
What's the creepiest interaction you've ever had with an insect?
What's the most exotic animal you've ever touched?
Why are cats so much better than dogs?
Do you have any interesting stories about scars or injuries? Broken bones? Stitches? Hospitalizations? How about surgeries? Gory infections? Teeth? Any pictures? Pictures are good.
What's something about your upbringing that's unique, and how has it affected your view of the world?
What's something you've done that most people haven't?
What's something you've never done that most people have?
If your life were a book, what would be the chapter headings?
In one sentence, what's your philosophy of life?


  • toadlovertoadlover Applying Woturr to the Urrth, to prevent the Ayerr from stoking the Phyrre.Posts: 6,431Member, Arbiter
    What, if anything, led you to want to reverse engineer the game Asteroids to make Smasheroids? (Which I still need to find and play)
  • SilentEchoSilentEcho Posts: 334Member
    First off that shirt is amazing. Secondly.
    Who came up with the idea of "DeepWorld"?
    Which of the three Manly Men is the best looking?
    What do you like seeing other players in deepworld doing?
    If you could create your own deepworld pet what would it be?
    If you could have any super power what would it be?
    If you were trapped in a world for one hour and couldn't leave no matter what which 10 players would you wanna be with?
  • LucidCthulhuLucidCthulhu Posts: 163Member
    Out of your whole life, what video game (not one of your own), have you spent the most time playing?

  • ConezPwnz47ConezPwnz47 Posts: 1,563Member
    Why are you so much more social than Jason or Quinn?
    Are you the "Leader" of Bytebin or is it more of a team-lead sort of thing?
    What other games have you made in the past?
    Why did/didn't you pick me to be one of the ten players to be stuck with in the hypothetical question @SlentEcho asked you?
    Who is your favorite player in DeepWorld overall? Basically just somebody that you wouldn't mind stopping by and saying hi to you while you're testing something.
    How many people do you think will spam this thread with begging and the like?
    If you had to choose between Jason, Quinn, or Lisa to hang out with for an evening, which would it be?
  • av6houndav6hound Potato SaladiaPosts: 1,802Member
    What is your favorite mythical beast ???
  • Hero_ActHero_Act Android Palace, Mount SouthwoldPosts: 2,131Member
    What saxophone do you (or used to) play?
    Did you know that your hair is awesome? (Mostly because it's exactly like mine)
    Do you like pie? If so, what kind?
    Do you speak any other language(s)?
    What is your favourite game console?
    How awesome am I?
    Why is Jason always seemingly AFK in random, empty worlds?
  • stingerbee5000stingerbee5000 In a hive.Posts: 2,911Member, Arbiter
    What is your favorite memory?

    Least favorite?

    What would you like to change about yourself mentally?


    What are you singing in your profile picture?
  • av6houndav6hound Potato SaladiaPosts: 1,802Member
    I would have every super power ever
  • BulkBulk So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.Posts: 3,673Member
    How did you come up with the name, "Deepworld?"

    Hi :)
  • ConezPwnz47ConezPwnz47 Posts: 1,563Member
    Do you stage all your pictures to look cool? For instance were you really walking around wearing that awesome cat shirt and had your picture taken with that pose by chance, or did you pose for it and get the outfit on just to seem cool?
  • AlanzliuAlanzliu Uptown FunkPosts: 1,601Member
    Ahem.... Booting
    Magic or technology?
    Purity of essence or purity of form?

  • Dr_DerpDr_Derp tejasPosts: 782Member
    Are you or were you once afraid of the dark?

    Name your biggest fears.
  • av6houndav6hound Potato SaladiaPosts: 1,802Member
    mike laurence
    What is your favorite ice cream?!
  • KillerHenzKillerHenz Posts: 2,019Member
    Whats your fav food?
  • Mutch95Mutch95 Posts: 437Member
    Do you enjoy working for deepworld?

    When did you start coding?

    What did you want to be when you were little?

    Were you planning to make deepworld a full time job?

    Do you make little applications here and there?
  • HerculeHercule Posts: 1,193Member
    Gonna you and your team devolop another game?
  • AuraAura EnglandPosts: 5,075Member, Arbiter
    do you prefer the light or the dark?
    Day or night?
    Do you believe in Equilibrium?
    What subjects did you do in High School/Colege/University?
    How would you act if i suddenly appeared at your office door?
    Who in the ByteBin Office Works the hardest?
    Who in the ByteBin office is most fun to be with?
    Lux ou Tenebris?
  • SockmnkySockmnky Posts: 555Member
    1. What do you get most often when you go to chipotle?
    2. What game makes you buy a system (for me ill buy any dang thing nintendo make when they add a Zelda to the world)
    3. Getting deeper and more personel who was the first person you called when you found out you had Cancer?
    4. To end on light note how are robot and cat name generated?
  • Kukky2Kukky2 WinterPosts: 2,333Member
    What is your favourite food?

    What is your least-Favourite food?

    Do you like cookies?
  • ladyceresladyceres Posts: 546Member
    How many pots of coffee do you guys go through in a day?

    Do you work in a quiet room or do you play music? If so, what kind?

    Is there a certain point of each day where it becomes impossible to work seriously and the smallest thing makes you laugh hysterically?
  • TwelveFootTwelveFoot Posts: 1,305Member
    On average, how many hours a week to you work on Deepworld?

    What is your most interesting hobby, excluding what you're already mentioned (including games, music, photography, saxophone)?
  • BulkBulk So... Apparently I don't fit in a locker. Send help.Posts: 3,673Member
    When did you decide to make video games?

    Star Trek or Star Wars?

    What is your work space like? Do you find it crowded, or loud?

  • Professor_PotatoProfessor_Potato crayonsPosts: 1,330Member
    Are you claustraphobic?
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