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[Forum Game] 1 Million, but with prizes!

Junktruck98_2Junktruck98_2 Member Posts: 96
You know how the game goes!
People post consecutively one after another to make a number count!
The rules are simple,
No double posting
No saying 2 or more numbers in one post
No jumping numbers, only increments of one

Of course, heres an added incentive! I will be rewarding prizes to players who comment a specific number!
So while everyone is going ya-dee da, there'd be a lucky pup who wins if he comments a certain number!
This is the prize list:

50 - 5 Amaryllis bulbs
100 - 10 Carnation bulbs
150 - Cthulu Head
200 - 1 Une Pipe
250 - 1 Small Daguerrotype
300 - 1 Companion Cube
350 - 1 Micro protector
400 - 1 Map
500 - Large Daguerrotype
600 - 5 Terrapus eggs (small)
666 - 50 bloodstone ore
700 - 1 BDU
800 - Brass butler bot
900 - and the rest are TBD - if it even gets that far!


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