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Password Recovery

BrechnorBrechnor Posts: 38Member
edited May 2012 in General
Hi, this game needs a password recovery because I brought the client up recently and it had dropped my token for some reason. As I haven't had to manually enter a password all the time I forgot I even had one and can't log in.

On the other hand, I could be remembering my password correctly and the authentication server is down.

/scratches head


  • aduckaduck Posts: 25Member
    Have you tried to change your password using the user profile settings here? Isn't it the same password system?

    PS - I highly recommend LastPass if you're not using it already. It's saved me countless times.
  • BrechnorBrechnor Posts: 38Member
    I will have a look at LastPass, thank you. :)
  • aduckaduck Posts: 25Member
    PS - I should add that 1Password is great too, but LastPass has built-in reliable cloud sync and cross-platform compatibility.
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