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unable to login

GitchelGitchel Posts: 2Member
edited May 2012 in General
when i try to login, after the latest update, i get bad login or password. I'm sure it's correct, since it should be the same as the login for the forum, but if it isn't, i see no way to recover from this.

i tried to re-register, but my name is in use. I suspect that shows I have the correct username.

I downloaded the last version last week, and got logged on for a minute (I was logged in remote and didn't have the bandwidth to actually play). I came home yesterday and tried to login today - saw the update - installed - can't login.



  • mikelaurencemikelaurence New York CityPosts: 5,366Member, Administrator
    Hey, there was an authentication bug, you should be good now.
  • GitchelGitchel Posts: 2Member
    thanks. I'm in!
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