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No beta code was given in my email

Fireball926Fireball926 Posts: 3Member
edited May 2012 in General
Alright so I received the email with the link to the beta client download but underneath where is says "Access Code:" is blank. No code at all. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


  • Soul0ReaperSoul0Reaper Posts: 10Member
    How can I request access to this beta? :D
  • iMeowiMeow Posts: 18Member
    I am not sure if anyone from the Deepworld team has reached out to you yet. I had the same issue but I sent a tweet to @Deepworld and they emailed me my activation code again.
  • Fireball926Fireball926 Posts: 3Member
    Nope not yet... Fairly disappointed too. Is there a dev I can message on the forums?
  • iMeowiMeow Posts: 18Member
    You can try messaging mikelaurence. Not sure how often he's on. Also try replying to your invitation email—the email address does not seem to be a no reply address.
  • 4SlotToaster4SlotToaster Posts: 1,809Member
    hes on fairly often.
  • Fireball926Fireball926 Posts: 3Member
    Oh I forgot to post the issue got resolved! I was emailed with a code!
  • iMeowiMeow Posts: 18Member
    Excellent! Hope you enjoy the game! :)
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