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Joke of the Day

Kukky2Kukky2 WinterMember Posts: 2,333
edited September 2013 in General
I, among others, wanted to keep laughing at those jokes, so here's a thread to post jokes on!

Keep laughing, deepworld!

Toadie gave me the idea.


  • quini98quini98 BelgiumMember Posts: 620
    *Why are the red devils never lonely?
    -They have Kompany!
  • av6houndav6hound Potato SaladiaMember Posts: 1,802
    What happens if a auto cat plays grand theft auto?
    Cats what think the name is Grand Theft Auto Cat
  • Kukky2Kukky2 WinterMember Posts: 2,333
    Why did the deepworlder cross the road?

    To get to the Deepworld Auditorium!
  • jellysnakejellysnake http://jellysnake.net/Member Posts: 6,323
    Why did the player throw the cans?

    To see the butter fly.
  • Kukky2Kukky2 WinterMember Posts: 2,333
    Why did lisa change her status for once?

    Because he old status was old.

    Get it? Old? Status? May? No? Ok.

  • quini98quini98 BelgiumMember Posts: 620
    @kukky2 whats he old
  • BulletProofBulletProof layin backMember Posts: 1,879
    What do you get when you mix a cat and a terrapus together?

  • ZapfuryZapfury Member Posts: 3,142
    edited September 2013
    I'm sick...with Deepworld fever.
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  • A cannibalistic terrapi's favourite food is terra-pie.
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