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New Tutorial Video: Beginner's Guide

quinnstephensquinnstephens Posts: 464Administrator
Hey everyone, check out our new tutorial video! This is a good one to show new players who are looking for some basic starting information - this content is old hat to all of you :)


  • SaintsOfLASaintsOfLA Posts: 781Member
    Sweet, awesome video! :)
  • SirentistSirentist Posts: 9,086Member, Moderator, Arbiter
    Looks great! Very clear and non-overwhelming. I like how there are options to switch over midway to other videos. Nicely done!
  • DaMorlockDaMorlock Posts: 3,641Member, Arbiter
    Cool! Very helpful!
  • darklord11darklord11 Crooklyn, Better Known as BrooklynPosts: 1,916Member
    Who's voice is this?
  • AliasAlias Posts: 1,842Member
    Perfect for starters! I'll be sure to share this with new players! :)
  • HerculeHercule Posts: 1,193Member
    Cool new video like always
  • awesomeo13awesomeo13 New york, New YorkPosts: 5,951Member
    Cool :D
  • HerculeHercule Posts: 1,193Member
    toadlover said:

    Did anyone else notice that hell was one of the worlds in the recent tab in the video?

    Well @toadlover What are you waiting from a dev ?
    He can get in everywhere he is a "DEV"
    Well he can do anything he want
  • av6houndav6hound Potato SaladiaPosts: 1,802Member
  • BulletProofBulletProof layin backPosts: 1,882Member
    Nice clear video :)
  • goldbargoldbar Posts: 3Member
    nice vid it was awesome
  • CannogabangCannogabang Posts: 752Member
  • LadySkrillexLadySkrillex At coachellaPosts: 791Member
    Good video!
  • RykenRyken The Dragon's LairPosts: 630Member
    Excellent Video! Keep it going @quinnstephens @mikelaurence @jsonperl :D
  • KliuqardKliuqard I'll actually put a location. Las Vegas, Nevada. Stalk me now.Posts: 4,035Member, Arbiter
    Next Tutorial Video Should be with Tools Newbies need to know this. ;)
  • Me_Crown_KingMe_Crown_King Duping since 1999Posts: 901Member
    Yes it is a good video but the chat box on 00:15 not the best one...
  • jellysnakejellysnake 6,329Member
    I wonder who owns the world called "Timeout". And what it is used for...
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