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Thank you all, and goodbye for now.



  • GabsterGabster Where tea rules supreme Posts: 1,142Member, Arbiter
    Good luck toadie! Work hard and never give up, I shouldn't really be saying goodbye since I'm sure your going to checking up on the forums once and awhile, but it is great calling you a friend, so for now, Sayōnara!
  • p1nkbr0p1nkbr0 Like, totally, brahPosts: 5,087Member, Arbiter
    Good luck, toady! I know you'll do great! :)
  • SpyroSpyro We're only people (And theres not much anyone can do about that)Posts: 1,705Member, Arbiter
    Seeya later toad! Have fun!
  • AstellaAstella Spying on the government while they spy on us . . . Posts: 611Member
    We know you'll do great in college and check up with us when you can.
    Have fun nottoomuchfun and we'll all be here when you come back now and then so be sure to check up on us and let us know how you're doing! :)
    Good luck on your life's next big adventure!
  • ItzDenniszItzDennisz Ñ͚̮̜͈̥̙͆̇Ư̥̰̓̚L̻̼̖̲̲̱̒͐͒̉̚L͎͙̲̗̝̯̑̔ͭ͡Posts: 2,948Member
    Why is everyone liking this thread...
    Toad is leaving
    thats not something to like!
  • ThejellosquidThejellosquid The Real SquidPosts: 396Member
    Toad good luck in college
  • Professor_PotatoProfessor_Potato crayonsPosts: 1,330Member
    It's been fun hanging around with you! -sobs- YOU KIDS GROW UP SO FA- FAST... ;~; This is my present to you!

  • PIPTR0PIPTR0 Brating those testy snot-board beats with nosesPosts: 3,650Member

    It's been fun hanging around with you! -sobs- YOU KIDS GROW UP SO FA- FAST... ;~; This is my present to you!


    WHAT IS THAT?!?!??!?!???!!!???!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!???!!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!??!?!!!???!??!?!???!?!?!!!?!!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!??!?!
  • captain_foxcaptain_fox Posts: 311Member
    Good luck.
  • headgrinderheadgrinder Digging for Wisdom GemsPosts: 490Member
    edited August 2014
    Good luck! Really wish I had had more of a chance to work and explore with you. Take it serious, but not too serious, work hard, not too hard, and be sure your degree is practical unless you want to be like meeeee!
  • lilroller717lilroller717 Under mapping on Ark.Posts: 1,563Member
    edited August 2014
    Good luck Toadie! Very sad that you have to go! But its for education! But here is a pic for you!
    259 x 195 - 5K
  • PoisonsPoisons JAILED IN JAIL CAUSE LIFE IS JAIL BRAH!Posts: 619Member
  • _RICH__RICH_ Stalker alertPosts: 586Member
    By toad lover when ever you come back :(
  • VickyTheExplorerVickyTheExplorer Rising from the grave.Posts: 412Member
    B-) Stay cool, stay cool. I'll MISS YA! :((
  • ashmetashmet In DEEPWORLDPosts: 762Member
    Woah college time, have funz and come backkkkk toadlover
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